Whenever there is a concert or music gig, every music fan looks forward to a great experience from their favourite artiste. Musicians with great vocals, vibrant personalities, and nice dance moves attract a huge audience. These combined with well-organized codes or beats from a combination of instruments is what entails a great music performance. So what kind of instruments are the essentials to a great music performance?


One of the most commonly used musical instruments is the electronic piano or keyboard. This instrument is easy to learn for both children and adults. Electronic keyboards are essentially ideal for beginners as they have little maintenance. The keyboard enhances performance as it has the ability to recreate many instrument sounds enabling the musician’s performance.

The piano is one of the most ancient instruments of all time. It is often used in a variety of music genres including contemporary, jazz and classical music. The instrument enables players to change the dynamics of musical tone and there are diverse ways to play it. Musicians also enjoy playing this instrument as in itself is quite relaxing and makes them feel confident.


Another traditional instrument used in musical performance is the guitar. Musicians especially men who play the bass guitar lure a large audience whenever they perform. The guitar takes quite a lot of technique to learn not just in specific musical notes but in terms of the theory of music. There are various types of guitars including the bass guitar, classical guitar, and electronic guitar. This instrument is often played alongside the piano and ideal for most bands. The guitar is used in various genres including rock, pop, traditional and contemporary music performances.


Drums have existed since way before most musical instruments were created. Back then, they were percussion instruments used mainly in traditional music and dance. They have now evolved in all shapes and sizes, including entire electronic drum sets. Drums have a strong effect, especially when played in a wide arena in concerts and other huge musical performances. They are a favourite in genres including pop, rock, and traditional musical performances.


The violin is considered one of the most complex and sophisticated instruments. This is attributed to its difficulty in learning and playing. The instrument needs precision while playing including balance in good body posture, good hand and eye coordination and great overall concentration. Violinists must have great physical strength as well as mental strength. The instrument is played in folk, jazz, country, and classical musical performances.