Bands are the only music outfits who still play metal music, alternative rock, and indie rock. Their music is much more pleasing as it consists of multiple live music instruments. Most bands are also clever enough to have a great vocalist leading their songs. Australia is known to have some of the most prolific bands in the world for many decades. These bands have also started influencing other bands around the world with their type of music. Here are some of the great music bands still performing in Australia.

Chaos Divine Band

This is an Australian, five-member group. The group was formed in 2005 and is still active. The music band originated from Perth in Australia. It is famous due to its great masterpieces in progressive metal music. One of the band’s members is Ryan Felton who joined the band in 2005. He is the band’s lead guitarist. The second member is Simon Mitchell who also joined the band in 2005 and is the rhythm guitarist. Ben Mazzarol was their drum player who joined the band in 2005 and left in 2007. The drum player later rejoined the band in 2008 and is still a member of the band. David Anderton joined in 2005 and is the lead vocalist of the band. Michael Kruit joined in 2005 and is the man behind the bass guitar.

The band has only three recognized musical albums since it began in 2005. Their first album was known as Avalon which was released in 2008. They then released their second album which was known as Human Connection in 2011. Their latest album, Colliding Skies, was released in 2015.

Camp Cope

This is an Australian rock band consisting of three members. The group came from Melbourne town, Victoria in Australia. It was formed in 2015. The three-member group is lucky to have a combination of a songwriter, a singer and a guitarist. They play alternative rock and indie rock. They released their first album in 2016. The album enabled them to rise among the music charts and also won them some recognizable awards.

The perfect trio is well placed when it comes to performing as each one of them has a certain talent. The awesome trio of the band include Georgia McDonald who is the vocalist of the band. There then is Kelly-Dawn Hellmrich who is the bass player of the band. The third member of the group is Sarah Thompson who is an expert drum player.