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Scream Ahead Studios

Scream Ahead studios have 3 full interconnected acoustically designed soundproof live recording studios that boast the very best recording environment possible.Our main control room is simply world class, with equipment rarely seen in Australian studios. The calibre of international audio engineers that have recorded here is testament to the quality of the equipment used at Scream Ahead Studios. 

Our standard Recording Rates for 8 Hour lockout blocks are $440.00(aus)

STUDIO PROFILE  Studio name: Scream Ahead Studios  Answered by: (Gordon Osborne.)   What’s the studio set up you have there equipment-wise? (desks, monitors, etc)
  • Amek Big 32 input Automated Console
  • Sony/MCI 2” 16/24 Track Analogue Tape Recorder
  • Studer A80 ¼“ Stereo Mastering Tape Recorder
  • Protools Digital Recording System
  • Lexicon 480L and Rev 7 Reverb Systems
  • Urei Compressor/Limiters
  • De-essers, Flangers, Phasers, Gates, and other signal processing gear
  • Range of quality microphones including Neumann, Sennheiser, Shure, AKG and more
 Any tips for artists entering a studio for the first time? A booklet has been produced with tips for drummers, keyboard players, guitarists etc. Which notable artists have worked at the studio? We have ongoing relationships with Frontier Touring, Chugg /Dainty / Coppel entertainment, Universal Music, Sony, Warner Music.So we regularly work with International artists, To many to list here, But our main goal is to provide our local bands with top quality recording at a reasonable price.   Who do you have on staff and what’s their background in the industry? John Rix
  • 32 years experience as a recording engineer
  • Awarded 19 Sunnie Awards for albums, singles, and jingles
  • Awarded a Gold Record
  • Awarded a Brisbane Art Directors Award
  • President of the Queensland Recording Industry 4 years running.
 Analogue Vs digital – discuss. Most artists choose to record on the analogue multi track recorder and mix to Protools and we certainly get very good results that way.  Analogue gives a warm solid bass and good crisp highs and this is retained in the final mix. Can bands bring in their own engineer or do they have to solely use a house engineer? Solely use a House engineer, but they are welcome to sit in with our engineers to get the sounds they are looking for.  Is the studio capable of holding a full band at once for recording? Yes…we have 3 separate studios that are connected directly to the Control Room and are visiblyaccessible via soundproof windows with each other and the Control Room. We’re an impoverished indie band – do you offer any deals for acts in our situation? We are always open to helping out all artists wherever possible. Do you have any in-house instruments at the studio acts can use, or is it totally BYO? Yes we also have an extensive hire department in house. What’s the access to the studio like with regards to parking, flat load, etc? There is direct access to the car park from the road and flat undercover access from the car park to the studios. Ample on and off street parking.Trolleys are available for getting gear into the studio area.   Working in the studio can be arduous and we’ll need a break – what are the amenities in the local area? (any cafes, pubs, other distractions)There are quite a few food outlets near the studio with everything fast food to gourmet.  Fish & chips, hamburgers, Italian food, sandwiches, counter meals at the pub, roasts, coffee lounges and more. What are your contact details? Scream Ahead Studios47 Bunya StreetEagle Farm, QLD 4009(07) 3868


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