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Ultimate Sound Through an Ultimate Amp: What to Choose

Price is certainly a priority when you are going to buy an amp, however, don’t make it the only priority. Some amps that cost less may offer good sound whilst some of the more expensive ones may not be what you are after. Before you choose which amp is best for you, it’s always a good idea to read reviews from other users and bear in mind that suppliers will only publish favourable reviews.

Which amp is best for me?

Depending on what you play and how you play will affect what sort of guitar amp is best for you. For example, if you’re not playing hard metal or you’re a beginner and jam sessions are mostly to be had in your bedroom or small gigs then a 30-watt amp may be ideal for you. If you are a beginner it may be tempting to go for an amp with effects, resist the temptation and go for an amp with a tone you like the sound of, an amp that uses effects as a selling point may not be that great.

If the environment you are playing in is rough and your amp will be copping a bit of a beating then generally speaking, transistor (solid-state) units will be your best option, if you do purchase a tube amp then treat it a bit more gently as this particular amp is a lot more delicate and won’t fare well if it is dropped down a flight of stairs or kicked in a moment of frustration. An amp that can carry out every requirement then have a look at a new modelling amp, these have good on-board effects and the finest of these can create the sound of most other units available with good accuracy.

Do your research, know your product.

It’s a good idea to choose a store who knows all sides of the music industry, from playing live to recording, as this will mean they will be able to give the best advice on what is right for you. There are many brands for a guitar and bass amp out there and you will need to do a bit of online research as well as hitting the pavement. The age old saying: “try before you buy” is some good advice as reading a review will never replace hearing what an amp sounds like plugged into your guitar with your own ears. If you do the research and make an informed decision based on your needs, disappointment will never be yours.

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