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Guitar Amp Speakers: Choosing The Right Sound

Guitar tone is contributed to in a big way by the loud speaker. The earlier guitar amps had cone loudspeakers fitted but had no tweeters, this meant the frequency response crashed above 3-4kHz. Because of this some of the harmonics that were not so pleasant from tube distortion were filtered out. Thanks to experience and knowledge, manufacturers today understand more why the old speakers had the sound they did. They are skilled at designing new models offering specific voicings. Choosing the right guitar amp speaker will rely heavily on the forum you play in and what your sound needs to be.

Different speakers, different sounds.

The cone and magnetic motor design will govern the sound of a guitar amp speaker. For use in four driver cabinets and combos, twelve inch speakers are the obvious choice. For a sound that is less bassy, a 10 inch speaker is the way to go. For a good recording sound, small practice amps and smaller speakers are decent but your bass end may end up being less powerful without the use of larger speakers. What is known as the ‘break-up’ is the way a speaker’s cone flexes when you push it hard. It does not mean you are causing damage to the speaker. A more compressed, distorted sound will come from thinner, lighter cones as these have a tendency to break up more swiftly. The centre dust cap in a speaker can make you sound vary as well, a harder treble sound will come from speakers with a metal dust cap rather than speakers using fabric.

The lower you go.

How good the cone assembly is damped will govern how well low frequencies are dealt with. How the cone assembly is damped relies on the surround and the cone material. Your bass can have a tendency to sound loose is the cone overshoots; if your speaker is damped well you will get a tighter sound from your bass. There is a lot on offer with such brands as Artec, Behringer, Bugera, Laney and Marshall. It will be easy to find your own distinct sound with the guitar amp speaker that suits your needs the best. The speakers available today are by far more efficient than the early speakers on offer. It is easier to get high amplifier power to create the sound you need.

When you’re buying a bass amp or guitar amp, do your homework. The sound a speaker will make is not only determined by the magnet used but also the magnetic motor design and the cone. Talk to a professional and prepare to play hard.

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