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Guitar Amp Modeling: The Future Of Amplification

Guitar amp modeling means you can have the finest of all worlds. You are freed from the limitations of having to manage with a specific amp’s tonal range. In most cases a modeling amp will have onboard a vast library of effects. They have the ability to deliver wall shaking sounds or that of a small tweed and there is no need for several outboard stomp boxes. In the 60’s and 70’s in order to produce chorusing, flanging, distortion or wah-wah sounds, this is what was required. Today, because of modeling, all these effects including multi-effects such as delay plus reverb and chorus, these effects are remarkably quiet.

What are modeling amplifiers?

Modeling amplifiers can replicate the sound of bass amps, guitar amps, effects and cabinets. They also have the ability to create the sound of a traditional speaker cabinet when it is mixed with various varieties of microphones. The user will also have the option to generate their own distinctive sound as some modelers are original creations not intended to reproduce the sound of any actual real life guitar. Thanks to the technology of modeling, there are a few advantages when using modeling amplifiers over conventional amplification. Typically, modeling amps are capable of a broad range of effects and tones as well as cabinet simulation resulting in the ability to record without a microphone. Modeling amps generally digitize the input signal and use a DSP to manage the signal with digital computation.

A modeling amp for all sounds.

The good news is there will never be a compromise for sound with a modeling amp. It just depends on the sound you are after and what you play. The Behringer Bass V-AMP Pro is not just for the pros. It provides the ultimate tone toolbox for keyboard, bass and acoustic/electrical guitar players and has Behringers’ exclusive rotary effects, auto wah and DI output with ULTRA-G cabinet simulation. You can choose between 32 classic amp, 23 speaker cabinets and 16 awesome effects modes. If you’re looking for an effects pedal that creates an acoustic guitar sound on a standard electric guitar then the Behringer AM100 is for you.

If you’re looking for a guitar amp it will be easy to see why using a modeling amp is so good. As a musician you will find it easy to decide for yourself which one is for you and which one can convey your individual tone the best. Guitar amp modeling really is the future for guitar amplification.

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