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DJ Gear For The Novice And Professional

 So you’re one of those people who likes to get a party pumping. Whether you’re into thumping hard base, classic house tunes or transcendent trance, getting the crowd moving and feeling your vibe is very important to a DJ. If you’re already doing it or about to start out, you should know, or would know, that the right equipment is very important to a DJ and his sound setup. Naturally, the most important part of the setup is your turntables and mixer. Good speakers are important but without the tools to get your mixing right, the speakers wouldn’t be needed.
 Buy the best, it’s worth it.
 The golden rule of thumb, you get what you pay for, is just as true with DJ equipment. If you bought a guitar amp, you would want the best, this should be the same with your DJ equipment. Initially, buying the cheaper alternatives may seem like a good idea, but when you have had enough repairs, glitches and replacements to pay for, spending more in the first place will seem like a much better idea. While brands such as Behringer and Numark may seem like they are too costly, in the long run you will benefit more by playing seamless sets and avoiding technical issues that may be embarrassing mid-set at a party or club. In a nutshell, Cheap DJ equipment is probably poorly made and if you are using this to try and crack out a banging set, it may not happen as you expect and a good recovery can be hard to make if you have already lost the crowd.
 Behringer and Numark are well known brands for DJ equipment and they are brands you can count on. If you don’t just play on turntables but also use a media player or CD player then the Behringer BCD300 would be an ideal choice for you, you can connect all of these and play, scratch and mix your tunes as you wish. An intuitive layout will allow you to edit, store and recall your settings with ease. To add professional effects into your set, go with the Numark DXM06 Mixer, this little number will ensure you hit your beats perfectly and will totally enhance your DJing experience.
 For all your bass amp and DJ equipment needs talk to the experts at Scream ahead studios. They understand the importance of creating the best sound and getting it right every time. Be ready to drop the beats that move the crowd.
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