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Buying An Acoustic Amplifier
It wasn’t that long ago that there were few choices for acoustic musicians to amplify their chosen instrument. Playing in a large venue afforded the player a high quality PA system to be heard through. But for those acoustic players who jammed in smaller set ups with others who played with louder instruments didn’t have much hope. What is in need for an acoustic guitar is an amp that is less like a Marshall stack and more like a hi-fi system. The first models available were quite expensive but soon more affordable models became available.
Shopping tips for acoustic amps.
Acoustic amps are quite similar to a keyboard amp. Their frequency response if fairly flat and are designed in order not to produce additional coloration. You should consider wisely the acoustic guitar amp you wish to purchase. It will depend greatly on the way you play, how loud you want to be and if you will be playing with electric instruments. For example, if your playing is to happen in a restaurant setting with a classical sound, the tone and volume needs will be different. Consider your inputs and outputs. If you use a standard guitar cable, a one quarter inch input may be all you need. However for external mics you will want more options. Using your amplifier as an onstage monitor will require a DI feed that is balanced. An extension speaker jack and a line out will save you a lot of hassle if you plan on increasing your system using external power amps. Think about the size you require. An amp that is too large may not fit if you play in a restaurant setting or be too much if you have to carry it up stairs.
Play with the best.
Here are a few little tidbits on a few of the quality amps available. The Behringer AC108 Ultracoustic 15w Amp is fantastic for those just starting out and won’t compromise your tone, keeping your dream to play alive. It has a powerful headphone outut and sounds fantastic. Hartke has long experience in making bass amps that sound great and they have brought this experience to making acoustic guitar amps. The Hartke AC150 Acoustic Ribbon Amplifier is ideal for playing cafes to night clubs and naturally recreates the sound of your acoustic instrument. For a surprisingly loud sound that is full despite its size the Laney LA12C Acoustic Amplifier is awesome for writing and recording at home.
Buying a bass amp, guitar amp and acoustic guitar amp is important to get right. The crowd relies on good sound from you and your sound relies on the choices you make.
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