Australia is a country that has a lot of musicians who perform different kinds to f music. These musicians need joints where they can perform their artistic work to their fans. Live performances are not the same as recorded performances since in live performances one gets to enjoy the action directly. Both local and international fans can find their way to these joints to get a taste of the live performances. Moreover, patrons at live performances are able to request songs that they like and have the performers play them.

Some of the best live performances joints in Australia include:

The Old Bar

If you are a fan of live music performances, then you can visit The Old Bar in Australia for some. Here, you can enjoy your beer or wine while listening to live performances. The place has low lighting, exposed brickwork, vintage furniture, tattered band posters, and pinball machines. The live music joint is owned by musicians. The Old bar has bands that perform live music. This joint has created a repute for consistency in such live performances.

Cherry Bar

This is an Australian bar that hosts both local and international rock ‘n’ roll acts. The joint is opened only on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The cherry bar has proclaimed itself as the best rock n roll joint in the world. There are bands that perform till late night. There are some events that are held at this joint and they include the Cherryfest and the Cherry Rock. The hyping does at this joints attracts a huge crowd making the venue quite charged.

The Spotted Mallard

It is a luxurious live music joint located in Australia. There is good art deco at the place. You can get live music performances here every day apart from Mondays. On Mondays, the place is usually closed. But then, after that point, the place lights up like a flicker. The joint has some good features like a colored glass atrium, tiered seats and you can also get the best pub food here while enjoying the best live performances. Some best known Australian artists perform their gigs here and there is good welcoming staff.


This is a 4.5-star bar in Australia where you can quench your thirst for live performances. It has a bespoke theatre and a modern garden bar. The joint is open on a daily basis. The place has an open-air front bar, booths, and a backroom performance space. The joint hosts indie rock, hip hop and open music nights. There are friendly bartenders who can serve you with drinks while you enjoy the music.

The Corner Hotel

The pub rated at 4.4 is famous for music acts that are both local and international. The joint is located in Australia and you can enjoy a wide range of services while you listen to the live performances offered here. There is a pub grub menu and a rooftop bar. The joint is only closed on Mondays. For more than 20 years the hotel has been in action, it has attracted a huge number of fans due to the live performances hosted there.

Live performance just has something that you will not get in recorded performances or downloaded tracks. Seeing the artists in the flesh and having attendants close to you creates an energy that you will just love.